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(Stromness, Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK)

Dating back to the 17th century, the harbour of Stromness was first noted for its fine anchorage and it soon became a haven for seafarers.

For centuries, it was the last port visited before undertaking a transatlantic voyage. Today, Stromness still stands as a gateway to the Orkneys.

What to do in Stromness

Stromness' old town huddles on the shoreline and is cut by one narrow, winding street paved with flagstones. Attractive houses were built along this stretch of old road with their gables facing the shore. In older days, each house had its own pier from which to trade and do business with passing ships. Many of these old jetties are still in use today.

Many tourists enjoy a relaxing walk down this cobblestone street, ducking into numerous craft shops. This quaint area has excellent views of the harbour and offers several impressive dining opportunities.

The Orkneys are rich with birdlife, including kestrels, short-eared owls and puffins. There are many other varieties as well that make this area a haven for birdwatchers. Others come for the deep sea diving opportunities and the chance to explore the Scapa Flow, where wreckage from WWII still waits to be uncovered.

Tourist Attractions

The Pier Arts Centre, a modern art gallery, occupies a restored 18th century building. This venue houses a permanent collection of art, but is also open to itinerant displays which change with the seasons.

The Stromness Museum is one of the primary archives of the town's maritime history. Displays offer information about Stromness' ventures with the Hudson's Bay Company, Arctic whaling, the German Fleet in Scapa Flow and the sea captain's parlour. Other exhibits highlight the natural history of the Orkneys, including indigenous birds and butterflies.

Stromness Port

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